Review Mary Kay Makeup Brush Cleaner


The Mary Kay brush cleaner is pretty good. It smells nice and isn’t too overpowering like some that I have tried. Others I have tried are more like a soap, but this cleanser is more like an oil almost. It’s not messy at all and makes cleaning your brushes so much easier!


To use it you wet the brush with the spray. I recommend doing this over the sink so it doesn’t get everywhere. You take a tissue and wipe the brush on it until it’s clean. It works really well, I was skeptical, but then I saw the colors coming off the brushes. Once it’s clean you just shape it up and lay it out to dry like the first round I cleaned in the picture. It’s one of the best brush cleaners I’ve used, and I will probably buy more when I run out, but I always like trying new things so you never know.


Today was a quick one! Thank you for reading.

xo Emily


The Fifteen Dollar Mission on a Rainy Evening!

It’s was raining last night, being in a 10 year relationship, and  huge homebodies we stayed in. So, I was out getting pizza and decided to challenge myself to see how far I could stretch fifteen dollars beauty wise at Walmart. The answer I found, was not very far.


I went in optimistic, then I had to deal with a lot of people standing in my way so I could not even see the makeup. I attempted to wait patiently without shoving my way in front of them and making a scene. I wasn’t on a time limit really, but I didn’t want to be in Walmart forever. I successfully spent less than $15.00 but I only got four things.

I wanted to get things that I would use, and not just buy the cheapest things they had. I could have gotten a ton of Wet n Wild for that $15.00 but it wouldn’t be things I need.


So what did I get??


Revlon – Lash Potion
Matte FX – Nail Striper
Hard Candy – 12 hr Eye Color Pencil – Pink Lady
Rimmel – 60 second nail polish – Blue Eyed Beauty


I  have seen several YouTubers, and bloggers talk about this. One girl on Twitter actually told me she wasn’t impressed with it. I am stubborn so I have to see it for myself. It was on sale for $4.97, which was another selling point.

IMG_20140112_245924093 IMG_20140112_245952611

This was the coolest thing that I bought. A Matte Nail Striper from Salon Perfect. It’s exciting because it will help create the fun matte stripes, and tips without the struggle. It was $1.98 and I might go back for more colors, because they had a lot! I look forward to trying this over the top of my next purchase!


This Rimmel 60 second nail polish was $1.50 and a pretty color called Blue Eyed Girl.

Lastly I picked up something I am not sure about.

Hard Candy 12 Hour Shadow Pencil in Pink Lady


It was the most expensive thing I purchased at $5.00. This is a pretty pink color. It says it stays crease free for 12 hours. Of course I am going to put it to the test. So there you are, that’s how far I can stretch $15.00 at Walmart, I challenge you to do the same thing!!

❤ Emily