Sunday Wish List!


It’s time for all the things I want this week!


1. A Good Highlighter

I really want that highlighter that gives me the gorgeous dewy look. At the moment I use Candlight Glow from Two Faced, and I just don’t feel really dewy. I don’t think it has much in the way of color payoff and shine.

2. MIDI Rings!!

I am obsessed with Midi Rings, but I can’t find silver ones, I want silver ones. I rarely wear gold, and the main rings I wear are gold so I need the silver ones, and I just think they are so cute.

3. Floral Pumps

I want some summery pumps, and I may actually fulfill this wish this week because it’s time for JUST FAB again!! The have some floral wedges I have been eying.


4. Orange Lipstick

I need some orange lipstick that works with my pale skin. The Vivids one I have is very pretty, but this Milani one was BRIGHT!!

IMG_20140604_131924024 (2)

So there are my wishes for this week. What is it you are hoping and dreaming for, make sure to tell my down below or tweet me!!

Thanks for reading!!

❤ Emily