Welcome to The Club…

I’m going to be writing for this amazing series!!

Katherine Rhodes

Karim, Texas has a delightfully dirty little secret: The Club.

Logo A private, exclusive BDSM world lies beyond the door of the unassuming 3-story building just off main street. All are welcome, but beyond the throbbing beats from the DJ and generous taps of the bartenders, no one know what lies upstairs.

Except, of course, those who are invited. Few are. Even fewer stay.

But if you are one of the lucky ones, one of the brave ones… all of your fantasies will come true.

border1There are 24 novella in The Club series, all from different authors, including Scarlett Dawn, Missy Johnson, Lexi Buchanan, T.H. Snyder, Brooke Cumberland, Whitney Gracia Williams. Each of the 24 stories will be released once a month for the next TWO years!

Starting… NOW Get the first in the series!

Just One Sip

by Scarlett Dawn

Just One Sip

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Scarlett…

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Interview with Salamanda!

Interview with the Youtuber!!


What is the one makeup product you can’t live without?

MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC25.  Hands down.  It’s one of the ONLY things I believe in paying full price for—that and ultra-soft toilet paper!  It really makes a difference!


Why did you decide to start making videos?

I started making videos a few months after I moved to Alaska with the USAF.  I was isolated, lonely, and missing a creative outlet.  Enter:  YouTube!  It was the perfect way for me to connect with people all over the world, meanwhile satisfying the right half of my brain space. 


What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is EXTREMELY situational, and varies moment to moment!  Right now, as I sit in the kitchen with my coffee, my favorite color is an olive-y green.  If I had to pick JUST ONE color though it would probably be the color of grass just after it rains.


What is your favorite brand?

Can I pass on this question?  =)  Most of the things I wear I find at thrift stores, so there isn’t one specific brand I identify with! 


What’s one interesting thing about you?

 I used to be a ballet dancer!  I took my dancing career very seriously my entire life until my ankles fell apart.  Every now and again I throw a dance more (or two) into my videos. 


Do you believe in UFO’s?

I believe that UFOs are simply humans in the distant future who have lost records of the past, and they are here to try and figure out how the heck we live.  In short:  YES!  =)


How do you feel about zombies?

TERRIFIED.  I’m not scared of spiders, I’m not scared of snakes, but the THOUGHT of a zombie apocalypse makes me cry instantly. 

Whats your favorite color eyeshadow?

I love me some metallics.  There’s nothing better than a golden-champagne color all over the lid!


Tell us about your channel and blog:

I’m passionate about helping people embrace their inner weird through personal style.  Most of my channel’s content is centered around thrift stores and thrifting because, let’s be honest, I’m one cheap son-of-a-gun!  Trends are constantly recycling— Chances are if something is trendy now it was trendy 20 years ago.  Why not capitalize on this phenomenon by scouring thrift stores and second-hand shops for “trendy” pieces for a fraction of the price!?  Thrifting is my hobby, my passion, and what I love to do, and it definitely shows in my videos.  =)




Youtube:  http://youtube.com/salamandabot

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/salamandabot

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/salamandabot


Google+:  https://plus.google.com/+Salamandabot


watch a video!!




FOTD and NOTD | Green Liner | Light Lips | Ditch the Heels

I wanted to do a FOTD just to have a little change up on the blog. This is what it looked like! You can’t tell but I am smiling in the first picture.


The top picture isn’t meant to scare you it’s to give you a closer look!


Green and blue eyeliner are the main components of the look

The Naked 3 in Factory, Strange, and

Merle Norman Cream Eyeshadow in on the lid with Factory and in the crease. Strange was used on the inner corner and under my brows.

Liner is Lime Green and Blue

Mascara – Miss Manga from Loreal
Brows – Wet and Wild pencil in Mink Brown

Milani Blush in Dolce Pink

Physicians Formula Bronzer – Light Bronze

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralized Skin Finish

Lips are Strawberry Milk from Nyx


And of course my NOTD didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. The blue in the Salon Perfect Blue Lights Striper didn’t show up on Ciate’s Ditch the Heels. You can see what I was going for.



Finally I have started a beauty community of Google + I think it will be a fun place to network, share ideas, and support other youtubers and beauty bloggers.

Join Us! https://plus.google.com/communities/104594797621499073685

Thanks for reading.

❤ Emily



Hot Pink Rage – Milani is Fueling my PINK Obsession!


I love this Milani Hot Pink Rage for several reasons.

The first is the smell. It smells like cake and vanilla deliciousness and I like lipsticks that smell good. You can see my attempt at drawing a bow to show you the color. I am all about the hot pink lipsticks and the formula of this one is great. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. I like that it doesn’t feather so if I’m in a hurry I can wear it without a liner.


Look how pretty that is! I just really love the color.



The packaging is so shiny you can use it as a mirror!! BONUS!!!

What’s your favorite hot pink lippie??


Thanks for reading!

❤ Emily



How Much Can One Say About C.O. Biglow Rose Salve?

If you are me, you can say a lot about it, because I love it! IMG_20140103_095659303First a little bit about the company C.O. Bigelow 

This company was founded in 1838, and was originally in New York where a cat named Allegra was able to roam the store and mingle with customers. This is of course, from Wikipedia so take it with a grain of lip scrub.


I tried to make this part more exciting with an exclamation point! Did it work? Anywhoo, Rose Salve contains

Lanolin Oil
(Cotton) Seed Oil
Rosa Canina Fruit Extract

The only thing I know out of that list is petrolatum, which I just realized is not Vaseline, so I know none of them.

Something interesting is that Rose Oil isn’t listed, and it is the main part of the Salve.

PRICE – $5.50 from Bath and Body works

Consistency – ooey gooey – no really touch it

Scent – there is a light rose scent, but it doesn’t last

I use it on my lips. I keep it under my pillow so that I can use it in the middle of the night, and it soothes my dry lips all winter. I have been known to put it on my cheeks if they get really wind blown and chapped, which happens despite the copious amounts of moisturizer I use morning and night.
What else can you use it for? 

lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, chapped or very dry skin patches…

I feel lost without this little tin of balm, which begs the question why on Earth do I not have more than one?

What is your favorite lip balm, salve, or product? Comment below and let me know!


❤ Emily

A Winter Nail Look and Bright Eyes!


I think this is such a cute look for the winter time!

What you will need.

A blue polish
A white polish
A glitter polish
A black nail art pen or black polish with a toothpick
A dotting tool or toothpick
A palette or paper plate

What I used

Essie – Blanc
Pure Ice – Spitfire
Petites – Baby Blue
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Watch the tutorial.

I also did a fun eye look for winter, or going out that brightens up your whole eye.

Fotor1231215817 The picture really doesn’t do the look justice!

What I used just for the eyes

Naked 3 Palette colors Limit and Strange
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Physicians Formula Bright Shimmer Shades
Rimmel White Eyeliner
Wet and Wild Mink Brown Eyeliner
Glitter liner from Hard Candy
Mascara Big Eyes and Volum Express both Maybelline

First I used a primer UD’s Sin
Then I put Limit all over my lid and onto the crease
Strange went beneath my brow
I covered the lid with the Milk pencil and patted on the white part of the Shimmer Shade all over it
I lined the waterline with the white pencil
I lined the top and bottom lash line with the Mink Brown liner and tightline
The top liner was thick, and I laid the glitter liner right next to the lash line
One coat of Big Eyes and Two of Volum Express!

Bright eyed and ready for the Winter. Comment below what your favorite winter look is!

A New Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

Ebony of elnfashion.com came up with this amazing idea to celebrate the things we like about ourselves. It is a different take on New Year’s Resolutions and one I think we all need, as we are always trying to change things about ourselves. It is not often we focus on the positive, and things we like about ourselves.  It was a difficult challenge for me to come up with ten, which is something I should work on. Here they are, the ten things I like about me.
1. My eyes

I have natural blue eyes, and I love to play them up with different shadow colors.

2. My drive

As a blogger, fitness enthusiast, writer, youtuber, student, and full time employee when I do something, I give it my all. I think I like my drive because I see a lot of people with the potential to do great things that don’t do anything with it.

3. I can do some pushups

I was watching White Collar Fighters, and the guy couldn’t even do a single pushup, and I felt stronger than him. I might only get up to twenty, but I am working on it.

4. My creativity

I feel like I am a creative person both in blogging and normal writing I come up with some pretty sick ideas

5. I can draw

I can draw when I am looking at something. My nephew inherited the draw from your mind gene, and I received the can draw what you see gene. Our grandmother is an exceptional artist.

6. My apperance

For a thirty year old, I still look pretty young. I also inherited those genes. I can pass as a college student, and still get carded.

7. My home

My boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to buy our dream home, and spend most of our time there. It is kept up well {more by him than I} and we have added our own touch over the past couple of years.

8. I’m a good aunt

Between the two of us, we have six nephews. I try to pay attention to each and spend time playing with and talking to them when I can.

9. I have built up my running ability

When I started running, I couldn’t even go half a mile without stopping, and hyperventalating. Now I can run two miles without hurting myself. It makes me feel accomplished.

10. I’m good at communication

I talk to my Mom everyday, sometimes twice. It is important for me to stay in contact with my family living away from them. It is only two hours, but we don’t see each other enough, so it is good to catch up. The same goes for my brother, sister, Dad, and Grandmother. Luckily Facebook also allows me to stay in touch with extended family.

So there they are, 10 things I like about me. I encourage you to do this post as well and tag myself @bowsandnails and the wonderful creator of this idea @Ebzo on Twitter so we can share what you like about you.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year, and here’s to 2014!!

❤ Emily