Do You Have Gel Envy? Honest Review of Gel Envy | NOTW | First Impression

Nail of the week


Hello beauties!

How do you make a post about nail polish more interesting? Create your own words. So here we go.

These nails feel bananail because of the bright punch you in the face socks yellow. I am having some drynail envy because my oilbeds (oily nail beds) just don’t like anything gel, period. I was really excited to try this, but well continue to read the review.


So it looked great for the most part going on. I should mention I picked up Casino Lights (the bananail) and Jackpot (my friend tried it and I was instantly jealous so I might like it more)

I painted it on, waited 30 seconds and did a second coat. It didn’t go on smooth (could be operator error) and was a little bumpy. I don’t know if there was too much on my brush. (I will be watching more youtubers using it for my second impression.


You have to have the top coat it comes with in order to use it. After I put the top coat on it did smooth it out a bit. After I let it dry for 20 minutes and opened a Warhead (granted it was really sticking to the package because it was melty) It messed one up.


I love the color, not too keen on the way it goes on my nails. I am looking forward to trying the Jackpot though! Have you tried Gel Envy, comment below and tell me your thoughts.


Thanks for reading!

❤ Emily


Nail of the Week! The Glue Trick

Nail of the weekThe first thing I thought of when I decided to try the glue thing was this won’t dry. It took a really long time for the glue to dry so of course I thought there is no way this is going to work, and then it finally dried! So, you might be wondering what the glue trick is. It is where you line your nails with glue so when you paint you can pull the extra color from around them right off. I was skeptical, but I tried it and here are the results.


After the glue finally dried I added some v stickers so that I could create a negative space design.


Next I painted on OPI’s  Can’t Find my Czechbook


When I pulled off the v stickers, the glue also came off, and it did take off the extra polish. I think this is useful if you are doing a sponge look or something equally messy. What do you think?



Thanks for reading.

❤ Emily



NOTW – Nail of the Week! Clearly Missing

Nail of the week

Since I always have a nail of the week and name them something fun, this week I have Clearly Missing.

IMG_20140610_115322173-1 Yes it’s just a clear nail strengthener for Nail Savvy. My nails look pitiful. They are peeling and mad at me. They just need a break for a minute. It’s really hard for me to let them have it. I love painting my fingernails. This week I was excited because I was going to play around with negative space. Hopefully I will be able to do that for next week.

I picked this up at Sally’s Beauty Supply because my nails were peeling and just used it underneath my nail polish for the week. I am going to let it do it’s strengthening magic tonight. My nails are breathing right now.

What are some things you use to keep your nails strong? Do your nails peel when they are being painted a lot? Thanks for reading and here are some nail addiction pictures to help with my withdraw.

❤ Emily


nail3 tumblr_lsghsesHqF1r2q2wzo1_500 tumblr_mdm7p7KRfy1rspji7o1_500



Nail of the Week – Painted Graffiti

I don’t know where I come up with the names for these, but I like Painted Graffiti for this one.

IMG_20140519_133600193 First paint all of your nails one color except for the finger you want the design on. I used Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen.

Next on the nail you want the design on, paint different colors.

IMG_20140519_132228113 IMG_20140519_132328228 IMG_20140519_132428113 IMG_20140519_132401468

That’s Forgot my Czechbook by OPI, Play Date by Essie, and Splendid Strawberry from Milani.

This next part is a little silly, because I saw on pinterest and you can see it here –

It says putting your hands in cold water for 3 minutes will dry your nail polish. I did it.


It did not work. I don’t know if it’s a certain type of nail polish or what. So now you need to wait until your nails are completely dry. I added a top coat and it still worked beautifully.

You are going to put striping tape on your nail where you want the patterns to be.


It is not easy to work with, have some scissors and tweezers to help you out.

Paint a dark color over the tape. I used Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI


Pull off the tape while it’s still wet or it might dry to it.

IMG_20140519_133553939 And Voila! Clean up the edges and you are done!


I hope you got something out of this nail of the week! Enjoy your Thursday!



NOTW – Quiet Chaos

I want to start doing a nail of the week and naming them something awesome! This week I came up with quiet chaos, so get ready to be amazed! Just kidding, but it is a pretty fun one!


Starting out with You’re Such a Budapest from OPI

006Followed by the Nail Art striper Lady in Pink007Now you have laid down the base for your Quiet Chaos.

Next take a black nail pen and put some rectangular shapes on the sides.


Now use the dotting tool with the Purple OPI color to put dots in the center of the black shapes you created.

013 then use the small side of the dotting tool (or a toothpick) to put small bright pink dots in the center of those dots.



AND there you have it. A fun look for your NOTW! Quiet Chaos

019 018

Thanks for checking it out!


❤ Emily

Cuticle Tattoos and the Bare Nail Peekaboo!

There is a new trend coming out and it is something different that I am not sure I will be able to try. The cuticle tattoo. It looks cute in the pictures, but I just don’t know about for everyday. Ciate has some adorable ones, look at that bow!

Cuticle-Tattoo-ciate-lgn (2)

I think I will definitely buy them. What are your cuticle tattoo thoughts? Is it a do or a don’t.



I was working on starting my own trend last week with the bare nail cutouts. These are nail designs that incorporate your bare nails.

Here are the two I did for my nails although they did feel a little naked!

IMG_20140412_223801504 (2) IMG_20140415_221847791 (2)



Here are some awesome ones I found online.

9c93aa7bdab4417f10dc44c5b68a160c So what do you think? You like bare nail cutouts, because I really do!!221d250cd408162cf704832bfc6eb241 8397e88144da3ff7191ef0e47b64436d


Would you be willing to try the bare nail cutouts or cuticle tattoos??

Sally Hansen – Skulls and Limited Edition?? Bought!


So these amazing little guys were only $5.99. There is just something about seeing Limited Edition on a product that makes it a must buy. I was skeptical that they would be that great, but I was in the mood for easy nails on Friday so I gave them a go.

It’s pretty much the same as all nail wraps you commit, stick them on, and file the excess. These were not sized great. My pinkie ended up with the wrap and then a little strip.

IMG_20140404_145255973_HDRYou can’t tell but the skulls have little heart eyes. For the most part they went on okay. I wish they were sized better, but they still look good on.


I combined three on each hand with this purple gel polish and I like it. I would recommend the wraps. They have stayed on well and it’s Sunday night. The purple gel polish is another story.


Have you tried any of these limited edition nail wraps. I saw some with little fish on them, and kind of wanted them too.