A Kinda Haul!

I bought some things while I was in Shelby for Mother’s Day. I am just now getting to share them with you. I went to Cato and Sally’s Beauty of course.

IMG_20140511_212352368 IMG_20140511_212357347

There weren’t that many things I bought, but here are the things from Cato and Sally’s.

A regular pair of navy blue pumps. I have so many crazy shoes, I thought practical would match my Sunday dress. Mom wanted me to go to church with her for Mother’s Day. The little cross necklaces and the chain were also on sale. I like to wear long necklaces in the summer.

The perfume smells like pee on my so we will move on from it. Enjoy True Colors from what I am assuming is a Kate Spade knockoff. It might be Kate Spade but it smells weird. I will try it again and make sure Rebel didn’t pee on my purse that day or something.

From Sally’s they were having a bit of a sell so I got these two polishes. One is called Hey Baby and one is called Push and Shove. It came with the little bottle of lay down the base which is supposed to give it a mirror like finish when you paint over it.    IMG_20140511_213101293   As you can see in the picture below the chrome didn’t last. That was painted less than a day when it started coming off.


I purchased new nail polish remover because I go through it so fast, and some nail strengthener because I had one that was peeling. I would say it is from all the painting they endure.

IMG_20140511_213720942 I like the Nail Savvy so far it coats your nails, and I put it on under my base coat to keep them strong.

My sister sold me her Clarasonic because it broke her out, so that was another thing I got while at home. I got a good deal on it, but I am not sure if I like it yet.



When I got back into town I had to go get Kenny’s medicine and wanted some bright colored polish so I picked up these two guys.

IMG_20140515_171814242_HDR IMG_20140515_171821094


AND there you have the haul from my most recent semi – splurge.

Hope you enjoyed! What have you purchased lately, comment below.


❤ Emily




The Makeup Buying Ban is Over

So first of all, I am a terrible beauty blogger because I missed several weeks of blogging. I will not make excuses for it, I will just try to do better. Today was the first day of wearing open-toed shoes so spring has sprung! Actually I am really cold, and rethinking my decision. I am wearing my new OPI nail polish I Forgot my Czechbook. It’s not a new color but new to me. So back to what I was saying in the title, the no makeup buying ban is over!! You didn’t know about it, but it’s cool I will tell you.

For the month of February I didn’t buy any makeup. I shopped my stash, and made do with what I had, but I finally went to the store and purchased the below items. I needed foundation, so the trip was justified. Anyhow, I only got the following five things.


I can tell you one of them I am not very happy with and it’s the magic nude foundation. The consistency is weird, and it does feel nice when it goes on. My problem is you can’t tell how much of it has gone on your face because it changes over so fast. You also can’t use a brush because the formula is too runny. That’s my opinion though, some people might love it.

After some time passed I went to CVS again and got this little haul.


The Milani polish is amazing and so bright!!

I will post instagram pics of my nails so you can see. More posts to come as I use and review all my new goodies!!


So I Went to CVS Today…

Look at that! I went in for tampons and this happened.


I know it’s blurry, but we are about to go in close, I promise. I have been wanting to try the Milani Blush, and it looked so pretty I had to get it. I am a sucker for a pretty grey polish so I had to grab up that Sally Hansen polish, and the Snow Globe looked so pretty I had to get it as well. So let’s check out the things I bought.

1. Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo – Just Beige – Limited Edition Eye Shadow


So I am sad that this is a limited edition because I do not like the metallic ones. I feel like the fallout is terrible. I have been looking for these in solid colors. There are a few gurus who say these are dupes for MAC paint pots, so I am excited to try them and see what I think.

2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish Lipstick # 113


This is a peachy nude lipstick I picked up thinking I needed some more nudes in my collection. My first impression is that I will need to wear a lip gloss over it to make it look less like the paint pot pictured above. I will have to wear it for a day to know for sure. It smells interesting, not exactly good, but not exactly bad.

3. Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer


I am excited to try this as well. It was the last one they had. My CVS is always out of brow products and primer. I had picked up the Loreal one and it is more of a silicone consistency which I haven’t decided if I like or not. As you can see the formula is different with this one. I will keep you posted!

4. Milani Baked Blush – Dolce Pink


I am pretty sure I heard about these from Emily on Beauty Broadcast and I love her! I wanted to try these, and can’t wait to see what they look like on!

5. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Snow Globe and Greige


First of all, I love Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes no matter how long the name is! They dry quickly, go on smoothly, and have a thick brush which I love. The one swipe is something I am a fan of.

Now these colors! The Snow Globe looks so pretty in the bottle, and it is the same on! The Greige is a great brownish – grey color that I am already in love with. Together they are great!

The ring finger has Lincoln Park After Dark from OPI, which I found at Walmart if you believe that.

So there it is my CVS drug store makeup obsession lives on. Have you tried any of these products? Comment below and let me know what you think of them!

Tomorrow’s post will look at the steps it takes for my face to be bedtime ready!! Thanks for reading!

❤ Emily