The Fifteen Dollar Mission on a Rainy Evening!

It’s was raining last night, being in a 10 year relationship, and  huge homebodies we stayed in. So, I was out getting pizza and decided to challenge myself to see how far I could stretch fifteen dollars beauty wise at Walmart. The answer I found, was not very far.


I went in optimistic, then I had to deal with a lot of people standing in my way so I could not even see the makeup. I attempted to wait patiently without shoving my way in front of them and making a scene. I wasn’t on a time limit really, but I didn’t want to be in Walmart forever. I successfully spent less than $15.00 but I only got four things.

I wanted to get things that I would use, and not just buy the cheapest things they had. I could have gotten a ton of Wet n Wild for that $15.00 but it wouldn’t be things I need.


So what did I get??


Revlon – Lash Potion
Matte FX – Nail Striper
Hard Candy – 12 hr Eye Color Pencil – Pink Lady
Rimmel – 60 second nail polish – Blue Eyed Beauty


I  have seen several YouTubers, and bloggers talk about this. One girl on Twitter actually told me she wasn’t impressed with it. I am stubborn so I have to see it for myself. It was on sale for $4.97, which was another selling point.

IMG_20140112_245924093 IMG_20140112_245952611

This was the coolest thing that I bought. A Matte Nail Striper from Salon Perfect. It’s exciting because it will help create the fun matte stripes, and tips without the struggle. It was $1.98 and I might go back for more colors, because they had a lot! I look forward to trying this over the top of my next purchase!


This Rimmel 60 second nail polish was $1.50 and a pretty color called Blue Eyed Girl.

Lastly I picked up something I am not sure about.

Hard Candy 12 Hour Shadow Pencil in Pink Lady


It was the most expensive thing I purchased at $5.00. This is a pretty pink color. It says it stays crease free for 12 hours. Of course I am going to put it to the test. So there you are, that’s how far I can stretch $15.00 at Walmart, I challenge you to do the same thing!!

❤ Emily