Youtuber Spotlight – Glitter to Gaming

Today’s Youtuber is Kristina from Glitter to Gaming!


Why did you start YouTube?
I started YouTube because I wanted to connect with other people who had similar interests as I do, and I wanted to share my creativity with whomever wants to watch. I also wanted to help show people how to do their own nails and makeup.
Favorite – (quick round)
food: pasta
color: Tiffany blue
makeup brand: Lorac and Chanel
book: 50 shades collection hehe
DC or Marvel?
I’d have to say… Marvel
Favorite villain?
Favorite game and why?
Call of Duty. I like FPS (first person shooter) games.
What are your hopes for your channel?
I honestly have surpassed my expectations of my YouTube channel. I didn’t have specific number goals in mind, I was happy with one or two subs and now I’m over 1200! I feel blessed and honored.
Do you like Twitter or Instagram better?
Instagram for the win!!!
Share all your links with us

Do you have a blog? What’s the link?
Yes I do and the link is

A picture of something you love!


Pets and their names?
Two boy rats (yes rats) named Finn and Jake (from Adventure Time).

One interesting fact about you?
I love to help other bloggers and vloggers grow.

A funny picture of you!

Best way to contact you?
On any social media or you can email me at

Blogger’s notes.

Kristina is a very helpful YouTuber and one of the admins of the group Beauty Gurus on Facebook.

Here are two of her videos that I really like! Make sure you subscribe to her on YouTube!!

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