What’s in my Gym Makeup Bag?

In order to get a parking spot at the University I work for, I go in and workout at 6:30 AM. While this may seem extreme, I promise you it is not. This guarantees me a parking spot the whole day right outside my office. This means I get ready in the gym and put on my makeup after I get out of the shower.



I have a few things I take with me everyday and it gives me enough coverage and the look I am going for.



Facewipes to remove any dirt/sweat that might get into my pores

Primer for my foundation that’s Rimmel Fix and Perfect

Powder – Stay Matte from Rimmel

Benefit Erase Paste

Mascara, Scandal Eyes

IMG_20140818_060817840 IMG_20140818_060822040

Here you have OPI pink fingernail polish, polka polish, and top coat.

Lips include a Milani lip pencil, MAC lipstick, and NYX butter gloss. I change up the colors, but it’s pretty much the same combo.

An elf palette with many colors of eye shadow.

Rimmel Liquid liner, Rimmel Nude Eye liner (my love!)

24 hour Metal eye shadow tattoo

I also have brushes shadow, crease, blush and bronzer. There’s a rose salve and a pair of tweezers. There’s an eyebrow pencil, a pencil sharpener, bobby pins, and a highlight and conceal concealer.


That’s it, all I need for a full face and a great look when I get out of the locker room!


What do you take with you when you get your fitness on? Comment below and happy weight loss Wednesday!


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