Interview with Salamanda!

Interview with the Youtuber!!


What is the one makeup product you can’t live without?

MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC25.  Hands down.  It’s one of the ONLY things I believe in paying full price for—that and ultra-soft toilet paper!  It really makes a difference!


Why did you decide to start making videos?

I started making videos a few months after I moved to Alaska with the USAF.  I was isolated, lonely, and missing a creative outlet.  Enter:  YouTube!  It was the perfect way for me to connect with people all over the world, meanwhile satisfying the right half of my brain space. 


What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is EXTREMELY situational, and varies moment to moment!  Right now, as I sit in the kitchen with my coffee, my favorite color is an olive-y green.  If I had to pick JUST ONE color though it would probably be the color of grass just after it rains.


What is your favorite brand?

Can I pass on this question?  =)  Most of the things I wear I find at thrift stores, so there isn’t one specific brand I identify with! 


What’s one interesting thing about you?

 I used to be a ballet dancer!  I took my dancing career very seriously my entire life until my ankles fell apart.  Every now and again I throw a dance more (or two) into my videos. 


Do you believe in UFO’s?

I believe that UFOs are simply humans in the distant future who have lost records of the past, and they are here to try and figure out how the heck we live.  In short:  YES!  =)


How do you feel about zombies?

TERRIFIED.  I’m not scared of spiders, I’m not scared of snakes, but the THOUGHT of a zombie apocalypse makes me cry instantly. 

Whats your favorite color eyeshadow?

I love me some metallics.  There’s nothing better than a golden-champagne color all over the lid!


Tell us about your channel and blog:

I’m passionate about helping people embrace their inner weird through personal style.  Most of my channel’s content is centered around thrift stores and thrifting because, let’s be honest, I’m one cheap son-of-a-gun!  Trends are constantly recycling— Chances are if something is trendy now it was trendy 20 years ago.  Why not capitalize on this phenomenon by scouring thrift stores and second-hand shops for “trendy” pieces for a fraction of the price!?  Thrifting is my hobby, my passion, and what I love to do, and it definitely shows in my videos.  =)










watch a video!!





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