Interview with the Youtuber!

Today I am so happy to have Ashlynn from A Beauty Moment

Ashlynn B Photo

What is the one makeup product you can’t live without?
– Lip balm. If I can’t have any other makeup product, I would need lip balm.
Why did you decide to start making videos?
– I figured it would go along with my blog just like everyone else was doing. It turns out it’s a lot less scary and a lot more fun than I thought.
What’s your favorite color?
– No favorites, but I am partial to red and pink.
What is your favorite brand?
I like a lot of brands, but one that I have loved since the very beginning is Urban Decay.
What’s one interesting thing about you?
– I can read a 500+ page book in one sitting. I don’t need to move, eat, drink, or go the restroom when I have a really good book in my hands.
Do you believe in UFO’s?
– I believe that anything is possible.
How do you feel about zombies?
– They’re scary as hell.
What’s your favorite color eyeshadow?
– I love bronze shades mostly.
Tell us about your channel and blog:
– My channel and blog are my creative outlets, where I can share what I love with whoever wants to listen. I like to focus on makeup and skin care, but I do like to throw in some DIY’s food, and life stuff too. Plus, I get to meet cool people like you!


Find her everywhere!!

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