Do You Have Gel Envy? Honest Review of Gel Envy | NOTW | First Impression

Nail of the week


Hello beauties!

How do you make a post about nail polish more interesting? Create your own words. So here we go.

These nails feel bananail because of the bright punch you in the face socks yellow. I am having some drynail envy because my oilbeds (oily nail beds) just don’t like anything gel, period. I was really excited to try this, but well continue to read the review.


So it looked great for the most part going on. I should mention I picked up Casino Lights (the bananail) and Jackpot (my friend tried it and I was instantly jealous so I might like it more)

I painted it on, waited 30 seconds and did a second coat. It didn’t go on smooth (could be operator error) and was a little bumpy. I don’t know if there was too much on my brush. (I will be watching more youtubers using it for my second impression.


You have to have the top coat it comes with in order to use it. After I put the top coat on it did smooth it out a bit. After I let it dry for 20 minutes and opened a Warhead (granted it was really sticking to the package because it was melty) It messed one up.


I love the color, not too keen on the way it goes on my nails. I am looking forward to trying the Jackpot though! Have you tried Gel Envy, comment below and tell me your thoughts.


Thanks for reading!

❤ Emily


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