Nail of the Week! The Glue Trick

Nail of the weekThe first thing I thought of when I decided to try the glue thing was this won’t dry. It took a really long time for the glue to dry so of course I thought there is no way this is going to work, and then it finally dried! So, you might be wondering what the glue trick is. It is where you line your nails with glue so when you paint you can pull the extra color from around them right off. I was skeptical, but I tried it and here are the results.


After the glue finally dried I added some v stickers so that I could create a negative space design.


Next I painted on OPI’s  Can’t Find my Czechbook


When I pulled off the v stickers, the glue also came off, and it did take off the extra polish. I think this is useful if you are doing a sponge look or something equally messy. What do you think?



Thanks for reading.

❤ Emily




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