NOTW – Nail of the Week! Clearly Missing

Nail of the week

Since I always have a nail of the week and name them something fun, this week I have Clearly Missing.

IMG_20140610_115322173-1 Yes it’s just a clear nail strengthener for Nail Savvy. My nails look pitiful. They are peeling and mad at me. They just need a break for a minute. It’s really hard for me to let them have it. I love painting my fingernails. This week I was excited because I was going to play around with negative space. Hopefully I will be able to do that for next week.

I picked this up at Sally’s Beauty Supply because my nails were peeling and just used it underneath my nail polish for the week. I am going to let it do it’s strengthening magic tonight. My nails are breathing right now.

What are some things you use to keep your nails strong? Do your nails peel when they are being painted a lot? Thanks for reading and here are some nail addiction pictures to help with my withdraw.

❤ Emily


nail3 tumblr_lsghsesHqF1r2q2wzo1_500 tumblr_mdm7p7KRfy1rspji7o1_500




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