Nail of the Week – Painted Graffiti

I don’t know where I come up with the names for these, but I like Painted Graffiti for this one.

IMG_20140519_133600193 First paint all of your nails one color except for the finger you want the design on. I used Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen.

Next on the nail you want the design on, paint different colors.

IMG_20140519_132228113 IMG_20140519_132328228 IMG_20140519_132428113 IMG_20140519_132401468

That’s Forgot my Czechbook by OPI, Play Date by Essie, and Splendid Strawberry from Milani.

This next part is a little silly, because I saw on pinterest and you can see it here –

It says putting your hands in cold water for 3 minutes will dry your nail polish. I did it.


It did not work. I don’t know if it’s a certain type of nail polish or what. So now you need to wait until your nails are completely dry. I added a top coat and it still worked beautifully.

You are going to put striping tape on your nail where you want the patterns to be.


It is not easy to work with, have some scissors and tweezers to help you out.

Paint a dark color over the tape. I used Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI


Pull off the tape while it’s still wet or it might dry to it.

IMG_20140519_133553939 And Voila! Clean up the edges and you are done!


I hope you got something out of this nail of the week! Enjoy your Thursday!




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