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It’s that time again, time for a collaboration with Elle Sees! This time we are doing a giveaway. Yep, you could win these amazing prizes and more.


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Video for spring nails will be live – I will it to be so…


Nail of the Week – Painted Graffiti

I don’t know where I come up with the names for these, but I like Painted Graffiti for this one.

IMG_20140519_133600193 First paint all of your nails one color except for the finger you want the design on. I used Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen.

Next on the nail you want the design on, paint different colors.

IMG_20140519_132228113 IMG_20140519_132328228 IMG_20140519_132428113 IMG_20140519_132401468

That’s Forgot my Czechbook by OPI, Play Date by Essie, and Splendid Strawberry from Milani.

This next part is a little silly, because I saw on pinterest and you can see it here – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/485192559827921086/

It says putting your hands in cold water for 3 minutes will dry your nail polish. I did it.


It did not work. I don’t know if it’s a certain type of nail polish or what. So now you need to wait until your nails are completely dry. I added a top coat and it still worked beautifully.

You are going to put striping tape on your nail where you want the patterns to be.


It is not easy to work with, have some scissors and tweezers to help you out.

Paint a dark color over the tape. I used Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI


Pull off the tape while it’s still wet or it might dry to it.

IMG_20140519_133553939 And Voila! Clean up the edges and you are done!


I hope you got something out of this nail of the week! Enjoy your Thursday!



A Kinda Haul!

I bought some things while I was in Shelby for Mother’s Day. I am just now getting to share them with you. I went to Cato and Sally’s Beauty of course.

IMG_20140511_212352368 IMG_20140511_212357347

There weren’t that many things I bought, but here are the things from Cato and Sally’s.

A regular pair of navy blue pumps. I have so many crazy shoes, I thought practical would match my Sunday dress. Mom wanted me to go to church with her for Mother’s Day. The little cross necklaces and the chain were also on sale. I like to wear long necklaces in the summer.

The perfume smells like pee on my so we will move on from it. Enjoy True Colors from what I am assuming is a Kate Spade knockoff. It might be Kate Spade but it smells weird. I will try it again and make sure Rebel didn’t pee on my purse that day or something.

From Sally’s they were having a bit of a sell so I got these two polishes. One is called Hey Baby and one is called Push and Shove. It came with the little bottle of lay down the base which is supposed to give it a mirror like finish when you paint over it.    IMG_20140511_213101293   As you can see in the picture below the chrome didn’t last. That was painted less than a day when it started coming off.


I purchased new nail polish remover because I go through it so fast, and some nail strengthener because I had one that was peeling. I would say it is from all the painting they endure.

IMG_20140511_213720942 I like the Nail Savvy so far it coats your nails, and I put it on under my base coat to keep them strong.

My sister sold me her Clarasonic because it broke her out, so that was another thing I got while at home. I got a good deal on it, but I am not sure if I like it yet.



When I got back into town I had to go get Kenny’s medicine and wanted some bright colored polish so I picked up these two guys.

IMG_20140515_171814242_HDR IMG_20140515_171821094


AND there you have the haul from my most recent semi – splurge.

Hope you enjoyed! What have you purchased lately, comment below.


❤ Emily



NOTW – Quiet Chaos

I want to start doing a nail of the week and naming them something awesome! This week I came up with quiet chaos, so get ready to be amazed! Just kidding, but it is a pretty fun one!


Starting out with You’re Such a Budapest from OPI

006Followed by the Nail Art striper Lady in Pink007Now you have laid down the base for your Quiet Chaos.

Next take a black nail pen and put some rectangular shapes on the sides.


Now use the dotting tool with the Purple OPI color to put dots in the center of the black shapes you created.

013 then use the small side of the dotting tool (or a toothpick) to put small bright pink dots in the center of those dots.



AND there you have it. A fun look for your NOTW! Quiet Chaos

019 018

Thanks for checking it out!


❤ Emily