Cuticle Tattoos and the Bare Nail Peekaboo!

There is a new trend coming out and it is something different that I am not sure I will be able to try. The cuticle tattoo. It looks cute in the pictures, but I just don’t know about for everyday. Ciate has some adorable ones, look at that bow!

Cuticle-Tattoo-ciate-lgn (2)

I think I will definitely buy them. What are your cuticle tattoo thoughts? Is it a do or a don’t.



I was working on starting my own trend last week with the bare nail cutouts. These are nail designs that incorporate your bare nails.

Here are the two I did for my nails although they did feel a little naked!

IMG_20140412_223801504 (2) IMG_20140415_221847791 (2)



Here are some awesome ones I found online.

9c93aa7bdab4417f10dc44c5b68a160c So what do you think? You like bare nail cutouts, because I really do!!221d250cd408162cf704832bfc6eb241 8397e88144da3ff7191ef0e47b64436d


Would you be willing to try the bare nail cutouts or cuticle tattoos??


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