Cuticle Tattoos and the Bare Nail Peekaboo!

There is a new trend coming out and it is something different that I am not sure I will be able to try. The cuticle tattoo. It looks cute in the pictures, but I just don’t know about for everyday. Ciate has some adorable ones, look at that bow!

Cuticle-Tattoo-ciate-lgn (2)

I think I will definitely buy them. What are your cuticle tattoo thoughts? Is it a do or a don’t.



I was working on starting my own trend last week with the bare nail cutouts. These are nail designs that incorporate your bare nails.

Here are the two I did for my nails although they did feel a little naked!

IMG_20140412_223801504 (2) IMG_20140415_221847791 (2)



Here are some awesome ones I found online.

9c93aa7bdab4417f10dc44c5b68a160c So what do you think? You like bare nail cutouts, because I really do!!221d250cd408162cf704832bfc6eb241 8397e88144da3ff7191ef0e47b64436d


Would you be willing to try the bare nail cutouts or cuticle tattoos??


Sally Hansen – Skulls and Limited Edition?? Bought!


So these amazing little guys were only $5.99. There is just something about seeing Limited Edition on a product that makes it a must buy. I was skeptical that they would be that great, but I was in the mood for easy nails on Friday so I gave them a go.

It’s pretty much the same as all nail wraps you commit, stick them on, and file the excess. These were not sized great. My pinkie ended up with the wrap and then a little strip.

IMG_20140404_145255973_HDRYou can’t tell but the skulls have little heart eyes. For the most part they went on okay. I wish they were sized better, but they still look good on.


I combined three on each hand with this purple gel polish and I like it. I would recommend the wraps. They have stayed on well and it’s Sunday night. The purple gel polish is another story.


Have you tried any of these limited edition nail wraps. I saw some with little fish on them, and kind of wanted them too.