The Makeup Buying Ban is Over

So first of all, I am a terrible beauty blogger because I missed several weeks of blogging. I will not make excuses for it, I will just try to do better. Today was the first day of wearing open-toed shoes so spring has sprung! Actually I am really cold, and rethinking my decision. I am wearing my new OPI nail polish I Forgot my Czechbook. It’s not a new color but new to me. So back to what I was saying in the title, the no makeup buying ban is over!! You didn’t know about it, but it’s cool I will tell you.

For the month of February I didn’t buy any makeup. I shopped my stash, and made do with what I had, but I finally went to the store and purchased the below items. I needed foundation, so the trip was justified. Anyhow, I only got the following five things.


I can tell you one of them I am not very happy with and it’s the magic nude foundation. The consistency is weird, and it does feel nice when it goes on. My problem is you can’t tell how much of it has gone on your face because it changes over so fast. You also can’t use a brush because the formula is too runny. That’s my opinion though, some people might love it.

After some time passed I went to CVS again and got this little haul.


The Milani polish is amazing and so bright!!

I will post instagram pics of my nails so you can see. More posts to come as I use and review all my new goodies!!