Weight Loss Wednesday Golden Globe Makeup Edition

I am buried beneath snow at the house and couldn’t go to work today. It is frustrating so I am thinking of filming a couple of new videos. I have an eye makeup look I did for Kaley Cuoco’s Golden Globe makeup that I will put at the end of the post that you can try. It has nothing to do with weight loss Wednesday, but it is a lot of fun!!

So here is the weight loss Wednesday post for today. I have not really lost anymore weight, but I have been eating fairly well. There haven’t been any snacks in between meals which cuts back on my calorie intake. I have been trying to drink more water.

Here are your inspiring graphics for the day!!

0de49c175e179fdfc40a1a9b12cae0f9 01cb0120ab2c80fbe3b84ef252cc1034 2720ed3138164f088fac649f13206775

Here are the pictures I couldn’t show you on YouTube of Couco’s gorg makeup!!!

download (1) kaley-cuoco-1-435 rs_600x600-140113105922-600.kaley-cuoco-headshot.ls.1314_copy


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