Weight Loss Wednesday – Where did the Time Go?

Hey everyone, it’s weight loss hump day again! I have been keeping a close eye on snacking, and trying not to dive into anything super unhealthy. Of course there are the quick fixes, like the corn dogs we had for dinner. However, we were going to also have some onion rings, and I read on the bag that FIVE of them were 230 calories.

Kenny rightfully said we will have Sun Chips!

Good night, that is 3 servings of chips in FIVE onion rings. It just goes to show, if you don’t pay attention, you never know how many calories you are putting in your body.

That being said I should make it my goal to clean it up a bit next week. In the name of full disclosure, this is what I had today. 🙂


Cinnamon Bun Sugar Free Oatmeal with One Spoon of Peanut Butter {this gave me heartburn that was so terrible I clutched my breast most of the day}
Coffee with Sweet n Low and 2 %
A roast beef sandwich on wheat with light  mayo and cheddar cheese
Some cheese – its around 25
A bottle of 2% milk to try and get around the heartburn

Cinnamon coffee with sugar free creamer and sweet n low
Two Corn dogs with light mayo and ketchup {sorry if that’s gross}
15 French Onion Sun chips


According to myfitnesspal.com, and here is my link if you want to be friends there – http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/gonein14days. It is a great way to keep track,  I had
195 too many calories
20 grams too much fat
16 grams too much sugar


So I didn’t overdo it too much, but today was my take a break from working out before your body quits on you day, so I didn’t burn off that fat. Ugh, drives me nuts.


Hope your day was great!!


❤ Emily


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