How Much Can One Say About C.O. Biglow Rose Salve?

If you are me, you can say a lot about it, because I love it! IMG_20140103_095659303First a little bit about the company C.O. Bigelow 

This company was founded in 1838, and was originally in New York where a cat named Allegra was able to roam the store and mingle with customers. This is of course, from Wikipedia so take it with a grain of lip scrub.


I tried to make this part more exciting with an exclamation point! Did it work? Anywhoo, Rose Salve contains

Lanolin Oil
(Cotton) Seed Oil
Rosa Canina Fruit Extract

The only thing I know out of that list is petrolatum, which I just realized is not Vaseline, so I know none of them.

Something interesting is that Rose Oil isn’t listed, and it is the main part of the Salve.

PRICE – $5.50 from Bath and Body works

Consistency – ooey gooey – no really touch it

Scent – there is a light rose scent, but it doesn’t last

I use it on my lips. I keep it under my pillow so that I can use it in the middle of the night, and it soothes my dry lips all winter. I have been known to put it on my cheeks if they get really wind blown and chapped, which happens despite the copious amounts of moisturizer I use morning and night.
What else can you use it for? 

lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, chapped or very dry skin patches…

I feel lost without this little tin of balm, which begs the question why on Earth do I not have more than one?

What is your favorite lip balm, salve, or product? Comment below and let me know!


❤ Emily


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