A Winter Nail Look and Bright Eyes!


I think this is such a cute look for the winter time!

What you will need.

A blue polish
A white polish
A glitter polish
A black nail art pen or black polish with a toothpick
A dotting tool or toothpick
A palette or paper plate

What I used

Essie – Blanc
Pure Ice – Spitfire
Petites – Baby Blue
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Watch the tutorial.

I also did a fun eye look for winter, or going out that brightens up your whole eye.

Fotor1231215817 The picture really doesn’t do the look justice!

What I used just for the eyes

Naked 3 Palette colors Limit and Strange
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Physicians Formula Bright Shimmer Shades
Rimmel White Eyeliner
Wet and Wild Mink Brown Eyeliner
Glitter liner from Hard Candy
Mascara Big Eyes and Volum Express both Maybelline

First I used a primer UD’s Sin
Then I put Limit all over my lid and onto the crease
Strange went beneath my brow
I covered the lid with the Milk pencil and patted on the white part of the Shimmer Shade all over it
I lined the waterline with the white pencil
I lined the top and bottom lash line with the Mink Brown liner and tightline
The top liner was thick, and I laid the glitter liner right next to the lash line
One coat of Big Eyes and Two of Volum Express!

Bright eyed and ready for the Winter. Comment below what your favorite winter look is!


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