A New Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

Ebony of elnfashion.com came up with this amazing idea to celebrate the things we like about ourselves. It is a different take on New Year’s Resolutions and one I think we all need, as we are always trying to change things about ourselves. It is not often we focus on the positive, and things we like about ourselves.  It was a difficult challenge for me to come up with ten, which is something I should work on. Here they are, the ten things I like about me.
1. My eyes

I have natural blue eyes, and I love to play them up with different shadow colors.

2. My drive

As a blogger, fitness enthusiast, writer, youtuber, student, and full time employee when I do something, I give it my all. I think I like my drive because I see a lot of people with the potential to do great things that don’t do anything with it.

3. I can do some pushups

I was watching White Collar Fighters, and the guy couldn’t even do a single pushup, and I felt stronger than him. I might only get up to twenty, but I am working on it.

4. My creativity

I feel like I am a creative person both in blogging and normal writing I come up with some pretty sick ideas

5. I can draw

I can draw when I am looking at something. My nephew inherited the draw from your mind gene, and I received the can draw what you see gene. Our grandmother is an exceptional artist.

6. My apperance

For a thirty year old, I still look pretty young. I also inherited those genes. I can pass as a college student, and still get carded.

7. My home

My boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to buy our dream home, and spend most of our time there. It is kept up well {more by him than I} and we have added our own touch over the past couple of years.

8. I’m a good aunt

Between the two of us, we have six nephews. I try to pay attention to each and spend time playing with and talking to them when I can.

9. I have built up my running ability

When I started running, I couldn’t even go half a mile without stopping, and hyperventalating. Now I can run two miles without hurting myself. It makes me feel accomplished.

10. I’m good at communication

I talk to my Mom everyday, sometimes twice. It is important for me to stay in contact with my family living away from them. It is only two hours, but we don’t see each other enough, so it is good to catch up. The same goes for my brother, sister, Dad, and Grandmother. Luckily Facebook also allows me to stay in touch with extended family.

So there they are, 10 things I like about me. I encourage you to do this post as well and tag myself @bowsandnails and the wonderful creator of this idea @Ebzo on Twitter so we can share what you like about you.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year, and here’s to 2014!!

❤ Emily


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