Favorites and Eh… from Cyber Monday – Part One!

I got a lot of things on Cyber Monday. Some of the things I got I loved and still love so much. Other things I didn’t love as much, and am sharing with you first to get the bad out of the way. Welcome to my recap of unboxing, and trying my Cyber Monday goodies…

Julep Box

The first thing was a box of Julep goodies since they let non-Mavens shop in their store for Cyber Monday, or maybe it was Black Friday. Either way, I did some shopping. So when it came I was beyond excited to dig in!


So first what I loved was the pretty pinks I got for my mother for her birthday which is on Christmas Eve, and the hair ties I got that are the neon ones that don’t break your hair.

178 There are three, pink, {my favorite} orange, and green.

I also got this Grapefruit Body Frosting. I am on the fence about it. The consistency feels weird and awesome at the same time. I like the smell, but I am not sure how moisturizing it actually is.


It really does look like frosting, like you could eat it, but I won’t.

I got two Julep polishes because I have never tried them.

This one is 180  Zoe , and the yellow is Abbie.


I like the way they go on. The formula is nice and one dip in the bottle goes a long way. The set I got for my Mom is the Breast

Cancer support trio. I don’t want to open it to look at the colors, but they all look gorgeous. I hope you are having a great Christmas and holiday. I will be back with part two which consists of Lush, MAC, and NYX once I try them all!!!



Live Life Girly!




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