People are Selling the Sh*t out of Some Sh*t!

I am just amazed by the amount of things people are selling around here. I know that it isn’t just because of Christmas, but it brings out the salesman in everyone. You have Origami Owl Necklaces, Thirty One, Avon, Mary Kay, and all types of things. The things just keep being offered to me, and I have to make myself not buy them, because they are all so pretty, and I can think of a million different reasons I need them.



I am not saying anything bad about selling things. I bought some thirty one {I DID NOT NEED} recently from a friend, and I have a KitsyLane store. I have made six whole dollars from it! I am just thinking that eventually everyone is going to be selling everything. I mean people are going to have to just trade pretty soon. Everyone is trying to make money, but there are like 6 Avon reps in the same place. It just doesn’t work. I know I am kind of babbling, but it is just something I have been thinking of lately and I wanted to bring it to your attention that I have been thinking about it.

What do they sell in different parts of the world? Do you have the same types of products that people try to get me to buy, and mostly succeed, here? I really want to know.


I also kind of feel like Origami Owl Necklaces is something I could make with trinkets from yard sales and craft stores, but that might just be me. I am not attempting to offend anyone but look at it, just look at it! I am just saying people are selling the sh*t out of a whole lot of sh*t around here and it is just insanity.





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