The Gothic Peacock

I wanted to do a makeup tutorial on my channel for fun, and someone suggested a Gothic look. I loved this idea and found this amazing look on Pinterest.

a240e2d7d1ce8053a16660d846fa349fGorgeous right! I could not do that. I must find out what type of liner the roses have been applied with. So instead I came up with my own look using this as a guide, and it turned out a lot more Peacock than Gothic, and it really didn’t look like her.

So here is what I dubbed the Gothic Peacock!

Products Used

Hip Creme Liner in Black
Hard Candy Eyeshadow Crayon – Gold
LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette
LA Colors Eyeshadow Crayon – Forest Green
ELF Loose Eyeshadow in Dreamy
ELF Shadow in White
Benefit Highbeam Eye Brightener


I totally realized after I uploaded the video that I didn’t put on any mascara. I did on the first eye, but not the one I did in the video. To make this look really actually be pretty, I suggest false lashes. I had some, but no glue. So there it is, the Gothic Peacock. I hope you enjoyed it!!


So while it wasn’t Gothic, it was all me. I apologize for the scary picture at the end, I look sadistic, I promise I am not sadistic. I like sadistic things, I digress. Here are some more Gothic eye looks to end this post on a good note!!




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