Videos on Youtube and Going to CVS

I have started making videos on YouTube and I am loving it! I have all these great ideas, and the process of filming, and editing is so much fun! I am doing it for fun, and that is why I am not nervous about it being out there. My sister and boyfriend commented that my background makes me look like a hobo, which is so unfair to hobos everywhere, and my sister wants me to do my face makeup, but I love nail art, and coming up with fun and new stuff.

You can see my What’s in my Bag video here..

I have an American Horror Story nail tutorial uploading somewhere. Anywhoo, I am looking forward to this new journey on YouTube, I also plan to be a lot better posting things here about makeup and pretties! Stay tuned for new posts at least every time I post a video to explain some things better and show pics.

Have an amazing weekend!

Also I have a kind of story about CVS. I went there like I always do to buy makeup I don’t need. The lady said not a word to me the whole time she checked me out, and I stood there awkwardly because I feel like you should at least say hello. It made me uncomfortable, and feel like she was judging my purchases. I’m sure she wasn’t but I just like for my salespeople to talk to me.

❤ Emily


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