I won ten nail polishes from Beauty High which I was thrilled about! They were five from Holographic and Five from Polka Dots the new Color Show lines. At the time there was a four year old and five year old in my office both princesses who needed to be entertained so of course we played with makeup and nail polish. As I tried to protect my Vivid lipstick from one I painted the others nails. Then decided they could paint mine. Here are the colors below {not swatched, but they will be}

Polka Dot
Drops of Jade
Clearly Spotted
Pretty in Polka
Blue Marks the Spot

Alluring Rose
Mystic Green
Lavendar Lustre
Bold Gold
Blue Blaze

So I painted theirs!



Then they painted mine!



Then I painted mine!


This is Bold Gold and Clearly Spotted

I was a little surprised at how fast the Gold chipped, but I love the dots on top!