Snap Reviews

So I know I was supposed to share my wedding look, and gel nail experience with you, and I will at the end of this post, but life got in the way. I am finishing up my first Contemporary Romance novel, and since I write mostly Paranormal Fiction and Horror, it has been interesting. It hasn’t left a lot of blogging time, but that is not an excuse. Here are some snap reviews of new purchases, and my unfortunate gel nail experience. 



Snap Review # 1 – Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash 



This blurry picture of it doesn’t do it justice, it’s so VIVID. I love it!!



Snap Review # 2 – OPI Cajun Shrimp Nail Polish

I bought this on a whim at my hair salon, and I really love the color! It’s a bright orangy-red. That’s the best way to describe it. 



Here it is next to my reluctant assistant! 



Here it is next to my yellow American Eagle skinny jeans. Get these!! I love them.




This is how it makes me feel!



Snap Review # 3 – Wet and Wild Mega Last Long Wear Lip Color- Coral Me Bad





To be fair I didn’t lay it on thick in the picture. It’s a pretty thick formula. I like it, but not for everyday, I will wear it every once in awhile. It gets points for the name though. Coral Me Bad!!


and finally….

My gel nail experience. 



So it took forever because you put the base coat on and light it for 30 secs then the color and light it for 60 secs, and then the top coat and light it for 30 secs. It looked good, the gel is on the index and pinkie finger. I obviously didn’t finish in time for the wedding. I stuck a peacock sticker on the ring finger and colored in the other quickly with a pink nail pen. Awful I know, but I ran out of time. The next day, I am sitting on the couch and both gel nails just slide off. 



Ignore the black spot it lives in my phone.

Two things could have happened here. The first would be my nails were too oily and I didn’t get them clean enough. The second I used the same gel for top and base coat and maybe I  needed to buy a separate base coat. I will keep you posted the next time I have seven hours to do them. 

I’ll do a summer look for the next blog post, thanks for stopping by!!


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