My Yes and No’s – Nail Polish/Kit Edition

I love nail polish, and I use so much of it. I love finding different types such as gel, stickers, acrylics, press ons, and anything else I can try. I have sampled a lot lately and here expressed with facial expressions are what I liked a lot, and didn’t care for. 


ImageLoved It!

ImageNot sure how I feel about it??

ImageJust NO!

Image Image


Loved these Sally H. Nail Strips in this Spring color, yes that is a piece of string cheese!

Image  Image


This transfer kit did not work for me, at all! 

Image Image

These don’t work like the picture, but are good for making dots!

Image Image


Sally H kit with these light pink strips, you couldn’t see the color, like at all! The other strips with the glitter took a while to put on and didn’t last two weeks, but I liked them!

Image Image


Love this stickers, Kiss Dress My Nails – I put them on my ring fingers tonight. Although when I put gel over them and stuck them under the LED light they kind of tingled and fell asleep for awhile. o.o


Tonight’s project is gel polish, the stamp and plates I bought, and peacock stickers, going to a wedding tomorrow. It has already taken 20 minutes or more {lost count} for four fingers. That’s a lot of layering and sticking it under the light. I do only have the small one finger at a time one.


Tomorrow I will do a wedding guest look and Walmart haul!! I’ll show you how my nails turn out!!

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