Glasses Friendly

My allergies are giving me a fit, and when I wear my glasses I want my eyes to stand out. I love the look I came up with today for them and I hope you will too.

You can afford to be a little bolder with your makeup when you wear glasses.

It is hard to tell in the picture and I apologize for that. The outer corner is actually a really pretty blue, and the crease is purple. Here is a better picture!

Here are the products that I used

ELF Punk Funk Eyeshadow

Clinique Tiger Lily Eyeshadow

Loreal HIP Cream Liner in Black

Great Lash Mascara

It is a simple look to do, and does not take up that much time.

I took the Tiger Lily palette and covered my lid with the light color as a base.

With a fluffy brush I took the Blue in the Elf palette and did the outer corners of my eyes.

With a pencil brush I drove the Purple in the Elf palette into my crease.

I went back into the inner corners of my eyes with the light color from the Tiger Lily palette, and then finished with a thicker line of cream liner with an slight outer wing.

I then lined the tight lines with a pencil liner, added a hint of pink blush and peach lipstick.

Voila! Glasses friendly! Take that allergies!

{tip} I colored my eyebrows in with the Wet and Wild brow liner in the light brown. It just pulled it all together.


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