All Things Nail Polish

This post will be about creating your own nail stamps, water marbling, and getting off glitter polish… Stay tuned!!

So I found to different sources that said the way to get glitter polish off is by using aluminum foil. No joke! I have not tried it yet, in fact I just painted over the problem and as you can see, it does not make the smoothest finish.

Obviously I need a better camera, but the point is, I painted over the glitter.

You take cotton balls and soak them in acetone, then you strap them to your fingernails with aluminum foil. When you remove it in a half hour, no more glitter.

Here is some more information about the Glitter B Gone I am super psyched about!

Deborah Lippmann

Pink Sith

Moving on to the water marbling, I am fascinated by it, but scared to try it. I have watched a few videos and may test it out one night after a workout. That way I can take it off before showering if it looks terrible. This is the best video I have seen so far for water marbling. ENJOY. If I do decide to do it, I will certainly post about it.

Lastly there is the interesting process of making your own nail stamps. I got a couple of ideas offline.

Using Earrings

This article talked about using earrings that you may have lost the back to to stamp your nails. It says it is perfect because of the post where you can hold on to it. The only earring I had was a butterfly one, and it did not work because it had designs on it. You must need one that lays flat against the nail, and I will find some to try. Okay so that was the only idea I got from online, because most of the articles are about KONAD and other stampers that you can buy. I will continue my research!!





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