Brown and Black Make Friends and a CVS Haul!!

So a lot of the time you may not mix brown and black because they clash. I like the look on the eyes though. The black is extra dark so the brown softens it just a little. I used a sample makeup palette from Elizabeth Arden and liquid and pencil liner.


I actually used all the shadows in the palette for the look.


The white all over {bottom left}
The liner on half the lid liquid and then shaped it better with pencil
The lighter brown in the crease {top left}
The darker brown over the liner and blended up {bottom right}
The sparkly white {top right} in the crease and under the brow bone.



Obviously you do not have to use this palette. {look how cute} Any colors that are similar will do.


In other news…

I went to CVS


They had a basket full of stuff on sale. So I bought EVERYTHING!! Not really, but I did get some stuff.


So you can expect some reviews and opinions on these products in the next post!!


The HIP liner is Awesome



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