I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl

Every morning when I open up my makeup drawer (the one on the bottom, there are four full ones) I see my Jessie’s Girl palette. The song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day, so now it will be stuck in yours. Enjoy!

I really like this palette. Each shadow is a mix of two  colors. The palette was less than ten dollars at the drug store, and the purchase was worth it. I use the shadows for lots of different looks. The one below is the pink and gold, with the green and gold on the inner corners.

Some people are not big fans of the shadows like the blogger I got the following picture from. I will link to her so you can see why she does not like them.


The colors are all metallic, and I have found they work well as accents with other brands of shadows. I do like a lot of JG’s products, and the loose powders are a little more pigmented.

Have a lovely day, and stay tuned for an ELF post very soon. *taps chin mischievously*


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