Fingernails and Mood

I think that when we paint our fingernails it relates to how we feel at that time.

I will give you a real life example. For the past couple of weeks I have been extra busy and stressed out, and I have not painted my fingernails. This is not something that I ever do, and when I realized it today, I had to take a minute and think about my life. I have been neglecting my poor fingernails due to stress.

I have noticed before that when I paint my fingernails a bright color like pink or yellow I am in a great mood. On the opposite side of that when I paint them darker colors I may not be feeling like myself that day. I always paint my nails, and the fact that I have not for the past almost two weeks has caused me a little concern.

I wanted to research this, but when I did a search it just pulled up a lot of Mood Nail Polish that works like a mood ring and changes depending on how you feel. I guess not every one thinks like I do. I certainly feel like nail polish makes me happy. How about you?



Here are some of my favorite nail looks from my pinterest. Enjoy!


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