You Are Never Too Old For Glitter Nails and Pink Shoes!

I love glitter on nails, and I love playing around with glitter on nails. I took two colors yesterday and just created my own mix of glittery fun.



And created purple climax spitfire glitter utopia!


Index = Climax and Spitfire
Middle = Just Spitfire
All Other Nails = Just Climax

I know, I am wild… lol

In my opinion there is no wrong way to wear nail polish, make it your own ladies.

That brings us to my new awesome pink shoes, my boyfriend hates them, but that is besides the point. I LOVE THEM!!

 I just think they are so fun.

$11.50 on Ebay, if you want the link just message me, or leave a comment. They are so comfortable too!!

Lastly I love getting free samples and I got a free one of EverSleek in the mail today.

I will use it tonight, and let you know all about it tomorrow! I will also have a fun Throw It On Still Look Gorgeous tutorial for you as well!!

Here is hoping my hair looks like J-Lo’s!! Stay Beautiful!


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