The Realness of Concealness

I do not know why this picture is blurry so I apologize for that, but hello, how cute is the packaging? I love Benefit’s packaging. They always have the cutest stuff and I was in Ulta and had to pick this up. First of all because I knew that it had High Beam in it which I love, but also because I have been trying to find a really great under eye concealer. This little baby was eighteen dollars by the check out aisle. They really get you with those little goodies while you are waiting in line. I had used a different kit similar to this from Benefit, and like I said I love High Beam, but I am getting ahead of myself.

A couple things to note before I continue, the inside of the packaging is just as cute. The little mirror is a nice touch, and you can barely see it, but there is a ribbon under the tubes so you can get them out easier.

The kit comes with sample sizes of five products. They actually still go a long way as far as samples go. The two on the left are a eyeshadow primer (top) and an under eye concealer (bottom). The primer works well to even out your eye lids and eye shadow adheres to it as well. The under eye concealer works like a dream. I use a Kandee Johnson trick to conceal that you can watch by clicking her name!

The three tubes are ooh la lift, lipplump, and highbeam. All of these products are pretty awesome. My favorite is the highbeam which gives you just a little shine to highlight your cheekbones and your brow bone. It looks fantastic and really pulls your look together. The lipplump is tricky because if you put on too much then it can look cakey. The good thing is I learned that if you dab it on and rub it in, it is just enough to prime them and your lipstick looks amazing. The ooh la lift goes on first and just firms up underneath your eyes if you are having an extra sleepy day, or you just need some lift.

I love all the products, I suggest you check it out at your Ulta if you are close to one. Sephora has it too, and it is well worth it.



Copper Eyes and EverSleek Review!

This is a throw it on when your boyfriend was ready to go five minutes ago makeup look that is flattering on everybody. You can substitute the colors that you want to, but here is what I used.

White Baked Sally Shadow

NYC Jumbo Pencil

Sally Single in Copper

Simply put concealer all over your eyes, and then pack on the white backed shadow all the way from lash line to eyebrow.
Take the jumbo pencil and color in the inner third of your eyes.
Apply the Copper the the outer third and blend in.

I just simply lined with a black pencil, smudged it, and applied mascara.
After that I applied nude lip stick, peach blush and was ready to go!!


Ever Sleek Hair Product Review


The free sample I got came with;

Leave In Conditioner

I like the way that the shampoo smelled. I am obsessed with my Raspberry Ginseng shampoo right now simply because of how it smells, so that is on of the important things I look for. The shampoo lathered really well which is another plus.

The conditioner still smelled good, but it was more of a clean smell then the shampoo. It left my hair feeling soft while I was washing it out which I like because I feel like you can tell it is working. So far so good as far as cleaning my hair and smelling fantastic.

I let my hair air dry for a while before I put in the leave in conditioner, focusing on the ends. I then blew my hair dry and brushed it out. I did not like the way my hair felt after. So I would recommend the shampoo and condtioner but I did not like the stiffness the leave in gave me. This could just be the result that I get.

It was a good day to test this out though because it was rainy and my hair did not get as frizzy. So overall I would say it worked!!

You Are Never Too Old For Glitter Nails and Pink Shoes!

I love glitter on nails, and I love playing around with glitter on nails. I took two colors yesterday and just created my own mix of glittery fun.



And created purple climax spitfire glitter utopia!


Index = Climax and Spitfire
Middle = Just Spitfire
All Other Nails = Just Climax

I know, I am wild… lol

In my opinion there is no wrong way to wear nail polish, make it your own ladies.

That brings us to my new awesome pink shoes, my boyfriend hates them, but that is besides the point. I LOVE THEM!!

 I just think they are so fun.

$11.50 on Ebay, if you want the link just message me, or leave a comment. They are so comfortable too!!

Lastly I love getting free samples and I got a free one of EverSleek in the mail today.

I will use it tonight, and let you know all about it tomorrow! I will also have a fun Throw It On Still Look Gorgeous tutorial for you as well!!

Here is hoping my hair looks like J-Lo’s!! Stay Beautiful!

Fall Into My Eyes

I was inspired after watching my favorite Makeup Geek do a tutorial for a Fall look that she said was inspired by Autumn leaves.


Makeup for Fall

She used MAC products and I used the products that I had.

You can substitute shadows that you have in similar colors.

Products I Used

LA Colors – the orange color. (I purchased this from a Dollar Store)
ELF – ButterCream – the yellow single – really nice payoff!
The Almay Trio in Brown – just the darkest and lightest
Sally’s Single Eyeshadow – Emerald
I used concealer as a primer because it works just the same or as well as some eyeshadow primers.

Starting with Buttercream – pack it onto the lid this will be your base color
Next take the sparkly green – Emerald in this tutorial – and put it in the inner corner blending inwards.
The Orange is next and it goes on the outer third of the eye.
Now it is time to give the look some definition and clean it up.
Taking the dark brown in the Trio with a smaller brush, put it into the outer v blending in small circles.
To clean up the harsh lines take the lightest color in the trio and use the larger brush to go along blending all the colors, it will not take away from the look but clean it up a bit.
I lined the top and bottom lash line with black liner and lined the inner rim of my lower lash line with white to make my eyes pop a bit.