Cuticle Tattoos and the Bare Nail Peekaboo!


There is a new trend coming out and it is something different that I am not sure I will be able to try. The cuticle tattoo. It looks cute in the pictures, but I just don’t know about for everyday. Ciate has some adorable ones, look at that bow!

Cuticle-Tattoo-ciate-lgn (2)

I think I will definitely buy them. What are your cuticle tattoo thoughts? Is it a do or a don’t.



I was working on starting my own trend last week with the bare nail cutouts. These are nail designs that incorporate your bare nails.

Here are the two I did for my nails although they did feel a little naked!

IMG_20140412_223801504 (2) IMG_20140415_221847791 (2)



Here are some awesome ones I found online.

9c93aa7bdab4417f10dc44c5b68a160c So what do you think? You like bare nail cutouts, because I really do!!221d250cd408162cf704832bfc6eb241 8397e88144da3ff7191ef0e47b64436d


Would you be willing to try the bare nail cutouts or cuticle tattoos??

Sally Hansen – Skulls and Limited Edition?? Bought!



So these amazing little guys were only $5.99. There is just something about seeing Limited Edition on a product that makes it a must buy. I was skeptical that they would be that great, but I was in the mood for easy nails on Friday so I gave them a go.

It’s pretty much the same as all nail wraps you commit, stick them on, and file the excess. These were not sized great. My pinkie ended up with the wrap and then a little strip.

IMG_20140404_145255973_HDRYou can’t tell but the skulls have little heart eyes. For the most part they went on okay. I wish they were sized better, but they still look good on.


I combined three on each hand with this purple gel polish and I like it. I would recommend the wraps. They have stayed on well and it’s Sunday night. The purple gel polish is another story.


Have you tried any of these limited edition nail wraps. I saw some with little fish on them, and kind of wanted them too.

The Makeup Buying Ban is Over


So first of all, I am a terrible beauty blogger because I missed several weeks of blogging. I will not make excuses for it, I will just try to do better. Today was the first day of wearing open-toed shoes so spring has sprung! Actually I am really cold, and rethinking my decision. I am wearing my new OPI nail polish I Forgot my Czechbook. It’s not a new color but new to me. So back to what I was saying in the title, the no makeup buying ban is over!! You didn’t know about it, but it’s cool I will tell you.

For the month of February I didn’t buy any makeup. I shopped my stash, and made do with what I had, but I finally went to the store and purchased the below items. I needed foundation, so the trip was justified. Anyhow, I only got the following five things.


I can tell you one of them I am not very happy with and it’s the magic nude foundation. The consistency is weird, and it does feel nice when it goes on. My problem is you can’t tell how much of it has gone on your face because it changes over so fast. You also can’t use a brush because the formula is too runny. That’s my opinion though, some people might love it.

After some time passed I went to CVS again and got this little haul.


The Milani polish is amazing and so bright!!

I will post instagram pics of my nails so you can see. More posts to come as I use and review all my new goodies!!


Happy Super Bowl Day!!


Hi all, and Happy Superbowl Day!! Who are you pulling for? I am routing for the Seahawks, the underdogs. I have some good squares on the gambling front. Two of my numbers are 0 which means if no one scores in the first quarter I win $100.00.

For those of you who are not in America but want to live along with the Super Bowl, I plan to tweet through out, so you will know what I am eating, watching, and the commercials I find the best!!

To get in the spirit check out the video below where I show you how to do your makeup for football. This is a Panther’s look, and today I am changing it to green for the Seahawks! You can change it up for the Broncos, no matter who you pull for have fun, and eat some naughty things for me!!


<3 Emily

Weight Loss Wednesday Golden Globe Makeup Edition


I am buried beneath snow at the house and couldn’t go to work today. It is frustrating so I am thinking of filming a couple of new videos. I have an eye makeup look I did for Kaley Cuoco’s Golden Globe makeup that I will put at the end of the post that you can try. It has nothing to do with weight loss Wednesday, but it is a lot of fun!!

So here is the weight loss Wednesday post for today. I have not really lost anymore weight, but I have been eating fairly well. There haven’t been any snacks in between meals which cuts back on my calorie intake. I have been trying to drink more water.

Here are your inspiring graphics for the day!!

0de49c175e179fdfc40a1a9b12cae0f9 01cb0120ab2c80fbe3b84ef252cc1034 2720ed3138164f088fac649f13206775

Here are the pictures I couldn’t show you on YouTube of Couco’s gorg makeup!!!

download (1) kaley-cuoco-1-435

Weight Loss Wednesday – Where did the Time Go?


Hey everyone, it’s weight loss hump day again! I have been keeping a close eye on snacking, and trying not to dive into anything super unhealthy. Of course there are the quick fixes, like the corn dogs we had for dinner. However, we were going to also have some onion rings, and I read on the bag that FIVE of them were 230 calories.

Kenny rightfully said we will have Sun Chips!

Good night, that is 3 servings of chips in FIVE onion rings. It just goes to show, if you don’t pay attention, you never know how many calories you are putting in your body.

That being said I should make it my goal to clean it up a bit next week. In the name of full disclosure, this is what I had today. :)


Cinnamon Bun Sugar Free Oatmeal with One Spoon of Peanut Butter {this gave me heartburn that was so terrible I clutched my breast most of the day}
Coffee with Sweet n Low and 2 %
A roast beef sandwich on wheat with light  mayo and cheddar cheese
Some cheese – its around 25
A bottle of 2% milk to try and get around the heartburn

Cinnamon coffee with sugar free creamer and sweet n low
Two Corn dogs with light mayo and ketchup {sorry if that’s gross}
15 French Onion Sun chips


According to, and here is my link if you want to be friends there - It is a great way to keep track,  I had
195 too many calories
20 grams too much fat
16 grams too much sugar


So I didn’t overdo it too much, but today was my take a break from working out before your body quits on you day, so I didn’t burn off that fat. Ugh, drives me nuts.


Hope your day was great!!


<3 Emily

The Fifteen Dollar Mission on a Rainy Evening!


It’s was raining last night, being in a 10 year relationship, and  huge homebodies we stayed in. So, I was out getting pizza and decided to challenge myself to see how far I could stretch fifteen dollars beauty wise at Walmart. The answer I found, was not very far.


I went in optimistic, then I had to deal with a lot of people standing in my way so I could not even see the makeup. I attempted to wait patiently without shoving my way in front of them and making a scene. I wasn’t on a time limit really, but I didn’t want to be in Walmart forever. I successfully spent less than $15.00 but I only got four things.

I wanted to get things that I would use, and not just buy the cheapest things they had. I could have gotten a ton of Wet n Wild for that $15.00 but it wouldn’t be things I need.


So what did I get??


Revlon – Lash Potion
Matte FX – Nail Striper
Hard Candy – 12 hr Eye Color Pencil – Pink Lady
Rimmel – 60 second nail polish – Blue Eyed Beauty


I  have seen several YouTubers, and bloggers talk about this. One girl on Twitter actually told me she wasn’t impressed with it. I am stubborn so I have to see it for myself. It was on sale for $4.97, which was another selling point.

IMG_20140112_245924093 IMG_20140112_245952611

This was the coolest thing that I bought. A Matte Nail Striper from Salon Perfect. It’s exciting because it will help create the fun matte stripes, and tips without the struggle. It was $1.98 and I might go back for more colors, because they had a lot! I look forward to trying this over the top of my next purchase!


This Rimmel 60 second nail polish was $1.50 and a pretty color called Blue Eyed Girl.

Lastly I picked up something I am not sure about.

Hard Candy 12 Hour Shadow Pencil in Pink Lady


It was the most expensive thing I purchased at $5.00. This is a pretty pink color. It says it stays crease free for 12 hours. Of course I am going to put it to the test. So there you are, that’s how far I can stretch $15.00 at Walmart, I challenge you to do the same thing!!

<3 Emily